Win clients for life with modern client scheduling

Increase share of wallet by offering a first-class client experience with secure, automated scheduling that lets clients book appointments when and where they want to. 

Win clients for life with modern client scheduling
CI Assante Wealth Management achieved 323 ROI with Calendly

CI Assante Wealth Management achieved 323% ROI with Calendly

Find out how CI Assante Wealth Management streamlined scheduling for hundreds of financial advisors and delivered an intelligent, user-friendly experience to their growing list of clients.




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Build your competitive advantage with seamless and compliant client scheduling

Protect your business and your reputation

Protect your business and your reputation

  1. Enterprise-grade security and controls including Domain Control, SAML-based SSO, SCIM provisioning, activity logs, and more

  2. Maintain SEC compliance with email communication archiving and safeguard client data with our data deletion API

  3. Calendly follows FINRA and GLBA guidelines, is ISO/IEC 27001 and SOC 2 Type 2 certified, and PCI and GDPR compliant

Book high-net-worth clients instantly

Book high-net-worth clients instantly

Meet with high-value clients sooner by embedding Calendly anywhere on your website, where they can easily add additional guests, such as a spouse or tax advisor. Automatically route them to the advisor who is best suited to help them reach their financial goals or to new advisors building their client lists.

Build lifelong relationships and increase client investment

Build lifelong relationships and increase client investment

Schedule more appointments with less effort by including your scheduling link in outbound emails and making it easy for clients to book appointments when they want to review their portfolio, discuss market changes, or make adjustments after a life event. Easily embed your available appointment times in emails, share your scheduling link from your web browser, and include your calendar availability in LinkedIn conversations.  

Improve efficiency and spend more time with your clients

Improve efficiency and spend more time with your clients

No need to manually send reminder emails to ensure clients show up to their appointments. Automatically send reminders and reconfirmations via email or SMS. Connect Outlook and Gmail to stay top-of-mind between appointments and send personalized thank-you emails, follow-up materials, and more.


Real people, real results

Don’t just take it from us. Here’s what some of our happy customers are saying.

CI Assante-Vermögensverwaltung

"For me, it's a no-brainer. Our advisors are happy, and our clients are happy. The cost of Calendly is pennies to the dollar compared to its value."

Asiya Khan

Manager, Branch and Business Practice, CI Assante Wealth Management


A modern, streamlined experience for clients and advisors

Embed Calendly

Embed Calendly

Add Calendly anywhere on your website, such as on your “find an advisor” page, so clients can easily self-schedule appointments whenever they want.

Schedule from anywhere

Schedule from anywhere

Download browser extensions to easily add times to email, integrate with LinkedIn, and more.

Automate communications

Automate communications

Automatically send personalized, fully compliant emails before and after appointments to reduce no-shows and build long lasting relationships.

Simplify complex meetings

Simplify complex meetings

Set up a Round Robin to automatically pair clients with the next available expert and Use Group events to host webinars and informational sessions with multiple clients at the same time.

Connect with high-value clients faster

Connect with high-value clients faster

Instantly book qualified clients from your website and match current and prospective clients with their advisor via Salesforce ownership.

Integrate with your existing tech stack

Integrate with your existing tech stack

Connect your calendar, video conferencing tool, Salesforce or other CRM, and more to boost productivity and eliminate manual tasks.

Coordinate multiple calendars

Coordinate multiple calendars

Poll clients and other key stakeholders, such as their spouse or tax advisor, to easily find the best time for everyone to connect.

Don’t just take it from us

Hear it from our customers

"I just love Calendly. Since I started using it, it has made my professional life so much easier!”

“Simple yet powerful. Calendly takes the guesswork out of scheduling meetings with your clients.”

“Calendly is easy to use and easy to navigate for both clients and professionals alike.”



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