Using Calendly

Using Calendly

Connect multiple calendars to your Calendly account



May 20, 2020

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Most professionals don’t manage their schedule from a single calendar. Between work and personal needs, you have different calendars that make up your full schedule. Now, you can connect additional calendars to your Calendly account to check for conflicts and ensure you’re never double-booked.

You can connect multiple calendars to your Calendly account on any paid plan.

When you connect additional calendars to your accountall of your scheduled Calendly meetings will push to one connected calendar of your choosing. You can connect any combination of Google Calendar, Office 365, Outlook, or iCloud calendars — they don't have to be on the same calendar platform. 

If you're on a free plan, upgrade today to add additional calendars!

Only offer times that you’re truly available 

When you’re managing both a work and a personal calendar OR an internal company calendar and multiple external client calendars, as many of our users are, you’ll love this new update. You can now freely share your Calendly links, knowing you won’t be double-booked over personal appointments or professional meetings ever again. That means no more time spent on workarounds or manually copying appointments from one calendar to another. Plus, the actual content of your personal events never needs to be shared with your work calendar.

Just connect your additional calendars and you’re good to go! Calendly will check your availability across all connected calendars before letting an invitee schedule.

Webinar: Getting Started with Calendly

Webinar: Getting started with Calendly

New to Calendly? Join this webinar to learn how to get started with help directly from the experts!

How to connect multiple calendars to your account

Navigate to the Calendar sync page from the drop-down menu in the top right corner of your Calendly account. From there, you can connect your calendar accounts from any of our integrated platforms in just a few clicks!

Need more help connecting your additional calendars? Check out our help center article on how to use multiple calendars.

For more on user access and team scheduling plans, visit our Calendly pricing page.

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Calendly eliminates the scheduling back and forth and helps you hit goals faster. Get started in seconds.