How Airtable Hires Top Talent Faster with Prelude

Webinar Length

47 minutes

Join this webinar to learn how Airtable hires top talent faster and removes friction from the recruiting cycle with Calendly’s Prelude, the scheduling platform built for talent acquisition teams.

From scheduling multi-step panel interviews, to load balancing and training new interviewers, Prelude takes over the manual, human-error-prone tasks, so you can focus on what matters most: the candidate experience. In this session, you’ll hear directly from Tyler Patterson, Airtable’s Manager of Recruiting Coordination, and Nicole Lederman, Sr. Customer Success Manager, Prelude, on how scheduling automation changed the game for Tyler's team of recruiters.

Discover how talent acquisition teams use Prelude to:

  • Coordinate complex interview scenarios including multi-day loops with technical assessments

  • Balance the interview load across the organization — no spreadsheets or manual tracking required

  • Update their Applicant Tracking System with no extra steps

  • Reduce interview scheduling time by 50-75%


Tyler Patterson

Tyler Patterson

Recruiting Manager, Coordination and Operations

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Nicole Lederman

Sr. Customer Success Manager

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Kristin Schultz

Kristin Schultz

Sr. Solutions Marketing Manager

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