Eliminate Retention Blind Spots: Tools to Help You Better Serve Customers

Duração do webinário

40 minutes

Building an efficient, connected tech stack paves the way for a better customer journey — so renewal time has fewer surprises. Join customer success programs expert, Danny Cruz, and fellow Calendly integration partners to learn new ways to connect faster, better understand customer needs, prevent churn, and deliver the ultimate experience.

Customer success teams have a dual role in building strong customer relationships and delivering high-volume support. According to a webinar survey, with all the time spent serving customers, 40% of respondents said proving their value is the main obstacle they face for retention. To keep and grow revenue, many teams are interested in learning how automation can help.

Here’s what you will learn from this fireside chat:

  1. Strategies for leveraging technology in customer success

  2. Expert perspectives on customer success management

  3. Importance of early engagement and outcome-based approaches

  4. Integration of technology and human touch in customer success


Rachel Provan, a Customer Success Leadership & Strategy Coach as well as Founder and CEO at Provan Success

Danny Cruz, Head of Customer Success Programs @Calendly

Gainsight Presenter: Tyler McNally, SVP of CX and Customer Ops @Gainsight

Rich Messmer, Customer Success @ Zapier

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