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The Total Economic Impact™ of Calendly

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45 minutes

Curious how automating your team’s scheduling with Calendly can impact your bottom line? Learn from guest speaker Coco Dong, Consultant at Forrester and Brad Thomas, Senior Customer Onboarding Program Manager at DocuSign, as they share how a composite organization comprised of interviewees with experience using Calendly realized a 318% return on investment over three years.

In this webinar you’ll hear:

  • How DocuSign has benefited from using Calendly

  • Insights from Forrester’s in-depth interviews and data analysis 

  • Key areas where customers see success after implementing scheduling automation

  • The financial ROI of using Calendly across your entire organization 

Haven’t had a chance to read the study yet? Download it here.


Coco Dong

Forrester Consultant


Brad Thomas

Senior Customer Onboarding Program Manager

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Jeff Hardison

Jeff Hardison

Director de marketing de productos, marcas y contenido


Lizzie Aldridge

Senior Customer Marketing Manager

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